At VoiceCurve, we’re more like a family than coworkers.

VoiceCurve is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and distributed around the world, but that doesn’t stop us from working together as a cohesive team. We’re all about making work better... including how we work. Communication is key. We make sure the people we bring into our family have a voice, and can share thoughts and ideas freely.

We use Skype, Facebook, Google+,and Google Docs to stay in touch with each other constantly.

We work hard and play hard.

When the work day is done, we like to get together for some extracurricular activities. Whether it’s the company picnic or planting trees for charity, we have an active group that enjoys spending time together to form tighter bonds. Here, the friendships are real.

We keep it healthy, because a healthy person is a happy person.

All work and no play? No thanks. We believe having fun is the #1 way to keep employees motivated,
whether through contests, games or just plain being silly. Prizes don't hurt either.