VoiceCurve was born out of
a dream and a garage...

Eighteen years ago, VoiceCurve began as an internal support department, operating out of our founder's garage. We knew cloud-based technology. We knew we could use it build a super-efficient business model. Years later, our vision is coming to pass: We've transformed ourselves into a multi-channel customer support agency. Efficiency, reputation and creative uses of technology are our guiding stars.

VoiceCurve's current headquarters has a bit more elbow room than our first office.

Every day, VoiceCurve manages customer-facing gateways for companies,
providing real-time answers and services whenever, and wherever they need it.

  • Sales

    From inbound (finding solutions for customers who approach our clients) to outbound (engaging potential customers, tracking leads and monitoring traffic), much of what VoiceCurve does reinvigorates our clients sales.

    Lead Capture

    VoiceCurve helps companies qualify sales prospects and transform lukewarm leads into hot ones. Our cloud-based CRM dovetails with company websites and existing CRMs, which makes it easy.

  • Live Support

    Our clients frequently need high-level technical support over phone, chat or email, so VoiceCurve helps them build a dedicated support team. Sometimes they need someone to answer their phones 24/7 (that’s our speciality) or sometimes they're experiencing a spike in call volume. We built our reputation on seamless phone and online support.

    Order Taking and Fulfillment

    We answer customers order-taking questions by phone or live chat, which reduces our clients shopping cart abandonment.

We provide sales, support and service backup during high-volume times, reassurance for after-hours and more.